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Our JavaScript tutorials will help you understand the core concepts of modern JavaScript, one step at a time. Having previous experience with other programming languages might also help. JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to implement complex functionalities on web pages.

JavaScript Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started in web development or an experienced programmer looking to expand your skills, this course has something for you. With clear explanations, practical examples, and hands-on exercises, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and apply your new skills to real-world projects. The course assumes that you are familiar with the basics such as variables, functions, arrays, objects, classes as well as some HTML & CSS experience. Learn modern JavaScript (ES2015+) from scratch, and practice in an intuitive environment.

Javascript Training in Queens, NY

The challenges are inspired from modern real world projects to make sure that you’re learning the best practices, one step at a time. Learn Javascript is suitable for beginner developers who have basic experience in any programming language. This training is exclusively focused on providing Basics to Advanced concepts on JavaScript. JavaScript frameworks are becoming essential to modern web development.

With the help of this JavaScript training an individual learner will be able to become a proficient JavaScript Developer. The main objective of this JavaScript training is to learn the programming fundamentals of Object-oriented language JavaScript. That said, if you’re a beginner with no coding experience to speak of, your turnaround time will almost certainly be longer. If you enroll in a part-time schedule, your timeline will extend to six months. Today, JavaScript stands as one of the most popular and in-demand languages on the job market.


Your timeline will vary depending on the level of knowledge you want to achieve and the level of experience you already have. If you are an experienced programmer, you could learn the fundamentals of JavaScript in a matter of weeks. However, if you are a beginner, you can expect your educational path to take several months. A coding bootcamp can help you achieve JavaScript fluency within three to six months. Front end developers are professional coders who use HTML, CSS and — of course — JavaScript to design, build and manage every aspect of a website that visitors interact with or see.

JavaScript Lessons

This role requires programmers to balance their artistic sensibilities and programming savvy to create web-based products that are both beautiful and functional. These professionals can work independently as freelancers or contribute their expertise within a company’s programming team. If you plan to use JavaScript in back end programming, you should also gain a baseline understanding of Node.js. Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that empowers coders to write JavaScript programs and execute them across operating systems such as OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux. As we explained in our history section, JavaScript was designed with front end web development in mind. The language allows programmers to create dynamic pages and provide a responsive, engaging experience for website visitors.

JavaScript Fundamentals

Prototype-based Object-oriented – JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language. Objects are used to represent the real-world entity in the program. The entire course was re-written in 2021.The lessons & challenges will guide you through these topics step by step and its project-based approach will help you reinforce these concepts. YES, this JavaScript certification course can still be considered as an option without any knowledge of computer or web concepts as this course does not have any pre-requisites of JavaScript knowledge.

As in back end development, game developers who want to code in JavaScript can use runtime engines to facilitate their work — two notable engines used in game development include Babylon.js and Phaser.js. JavaScript code can also be incorporated into larger game projects. Similarly, frameworks like React Native and NativeScript are designed to help developers build Android and iOS apps.

JavaScript Objects

Some people might cover the fundamentals within a few months; others may require a year or more. A full stack developer is a web developer with knowledge and training in all aspects of the development process. While a front end developer works with the user-facing part of a website and a back end developer works with the server-side technologies that drive a site, full stack developers have command over both. This command makes them well-suited to innovate new ways to link multiple aspects of a site and produce an integrated vision of a web project. JavaScript would be, of course, only one language in a full stack developer’s well-stocked toolbox.

JavaScript Lessons

Objects use keys to name values, much like how is done with variables. Though similar in name, the two are very different programming languages. Yes, this is a quick-fix without any previous knowledge or experience in computers or web or JavaScript or its relative frameworks but any JavaScript framework or library knowledge is a highly added advantage. This JavaScript training needs a minimum of 235+ hours to be spent to complete this certification course. A runtime engine provides the hardware and software infrastructure your codebase needs to execute programs in realtime.

JavaScript Course

Developers often use it to build websites, design games and craft applications, among other pursuits. The language is one of the fundamental skills you should have on your resume before entering the job pool. In this Traversy Media JavaScript Lessons YouTube course, you will learn about JavaScript basics including conditions, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and ES6. JavaScript is a popular programming language used for building web applications, among many other things.

  • This JavaScript Tutorial helps you learn the JavaScript programming language from scratch quickly and effectively.
  • You’ve seen this stuff already in the course, but only in passing — here we’ll discuss it all explicitly.
  • An excellent resource for aspiring web developers — Learn JavaScript in an interactive environment, with short lessons and interactive tests, guided by automated assessment.
  • You will learn the basics including conditions, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and ES6.
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